A Morning Routine to Fight Depression

woman in bed

In moments of distress and deep sadness we lose sight of ways we can overcome difficult times. Minimal lifestyle changes can make the biggest difference in disabling depressive like symptoms. Be encouraged that creating a routine will help you begin to reject the feeling of doing nothing to improve your circumstance. Consistently performing a healthy routine can promote improved mental health. You can begin exploring a new routine today by following 5 simple steps:


Getting out of bed when you are severely depressed can be extremely. Limit the things that will keep you in the bed, such as, browsing your phone, streaming television, and thinking of all the things you must face for the day. Take whatever motivation you have and simply sit up for a time period. Negotiate a time to sit up and after that time has expired, get up and follow through with the remaining parts of your routine.


Enter into your kitchen to begin the day with a glass of water. Studies have linked dehydration with mood disturbances. As you have slept without water overnight, rehydration is necessary to detox your body, boost metabolism, and increase concentration. By drinking water and staying hydrated, you place yourself in the position to make the most of your potential.


Awesome stretching helps your body to come alive. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles thereby getting essential nutrients to various parts of your body. You are also able to let go of physical tensions brought on by stress you experience in daily living. Focusing on the physical tensions in the body can lead you to gain a better understanding about emotional and mental tension that can also be relieved with the proper breathing techniques.


Taking a walk outside is one of the most underrated antidepressants used today. What you see, hear, and experience is constantly influencing your mood. Studies have shown that scenes of nature reduce anger, fear, stress, and increase enjoyable feelings. A common thought is that 20 minutes of walking in nature will grant you stress relief as you are more relaxed in natural spaces.


You may feel as if you are simply not a breakfast person. But just as your body need water, you also need food as energy for your brain. Research show that people who eat breakfast have better self-control and higher productivity throughout the day. However, it is important to note that you can choose breakfast food that specifically address your mood such as cereal, eggs, raisins to counteract fatigue, irritability, and depressive symptoms.

These five things alone will not change every aspect your life. Through self-awareness and emotional intelligence, you can better assess triggers, interest, enjoyment, feelings, and overall cognition. When you are struggling with symptoms that significantly affect your mental health, don’t hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional. In the meantime, consider creating and following a routine that is more beneficial for your return to a level of effective functioning.