6 Signs of Burnout

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Have you been experiencing an intense feeling of exhaustion? Do you feel like you’re working towards a never ending goal? Or has work or life drowned you so much you don’t find enjoyment in it anymore?

You may be burned out. Burnout is a state of chronic stress that leads to emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion and feelings of ineffectiveness (Bourg Carter, 2013). Many professionals and working individuals, at some point during the course of their career, experience this condition.

Here are six signs you may have experienced burnout. As you read these signs, don’t worry, there is hope. At a later date we will discuss interventions that can be used to combat burnout and the following signs.

1. Lack of Motivation

You dread going to work and fulfilling work related duties. Solution: create a list and prioritize your work, once completed scratch off the task to feel a sense of accomplishment!

2. Fatigue

You’re constantly tired and/or lack energy. Solution: add more fruits and vegetables to your diet (example: replace your morning coffee with a smoothie), do 10 jumping jacks when you need a boost of energy, or even open a window for more sunlight.

3. Easily Irritable

Your clients, coworkers, or loved ones create a sense of frustration that didn’t once exist. Solution- acknowledge and apologize when you show feelings of irritability towards others.

4. Sleeplessness

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night entails insomnia. Solution- create a bed routine, such as reading before bed or playing mediation music to fall asleep.

5. Poor Decision Making

Maybe you made a big mistake at work or multiple small mistakes that have impacted your productivity. Solution: journal your emotions and debrief after a mistake has been made, this can include explaining why it may have occurred along with solutions to prevent it from occurring again.

6. Detachment

Disengaging and feeling alone from reality or work. Solution: become more social with your loved ones and coworkers. Communicating this condition to someone you trust may help reverse the feelings you’re experiencing; seeking counseling is another helpful solution!

If you need additional support and guidance on how to deal with burnout, feel free to schedule a time with a counselor to discuss issues specific to you.


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