Kervin Searles smiling

Kervin K. Searles, LPC

I love being a therapist. I have always had a desire to help people. For me there is no better way to give assistance than to develop a nonjudgmental and transformative space for people to come and share their experience. My past experience in therapy allows me to help with excessive worry, depression, and relationship issues. Although, I have worked with a wide range of diagnoses and treatment goals, my greatest passion is aiding African-American men experiencing anxiety, stress, significant life transitions and subsequently navigating changes within their daily routine.

One of the biggest predictor of success in therapy is the relationship you have with your therapist. Before you book an appointment let me give you some quick tidbits about me:

Clinically -I know multiple treatment modalities and I am able to discuss your life in clinical terms. However, I talk in layman's terms and typically use only a few evidence-based options which include cognitive behavioral therapy, reality therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy. As a trained professional, I can identify the problem but I do not solve them. I give you additional insight and options that you consider and hopefully make the appropriate decisions to provoke and sustain necessary change.

Personally - I love learning so I study and research all things psychology and mental health in blogs, podcasts, articles, and publications. Although I love to learn, I love living and experiencing life more. So I take days off and away from the office to enjoy time with my wife and kids. I have a strong affinity for Albert Ellis, Converse, Michael Jordan, Tar Heel basketball, Starbucks, Kanye West, Clemson football, Kenneth Clark, socks, Bruno Mars, my extended family, Kirk Franklin, myself, and God. (not necessarily in that order)

In conclusion, I am a pretty eclectic Licensed Professional Counselor. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Anderson University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Troy University. My own work experience has afforded me the opportunity to provide behavior modification, therapy and facilitate workshops. I look forward to working with you and exploring how we can get you to a place where you can feel content with